12 Blockbuster Movie Series That Continued Without Their Lead Stars


As the summer of blockbuster movies gets underway, Hollywood’s biggest stars are coming out to sell tickets. It’s an undeniable truth that investing in big budget pictures is a risky business decision, even for the most lucrative studios. There are few certainties when it comes to box office draws. In times of strain, it may very well be the executive decision to replace an actor that determines whether a series will continue to generate revenue. Not all of these decisions will be popular, but they’re all guaranteed to change the course of a film series moving forward.

Somewhere buried deep in every major producer’s office is a list of every regrettable decision they’ve ever made. It serves as a guideline for what not to do in the future. Sure, some recastings could turn out to pay off, but that doesn’t mean every decision won’t come with some form of backlash. Compiled below is our list of the most memorable series that continued without their leading stars. Some actors came back and some stayed missing, but none of them were forgotten.

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