8 Changes That Would Have Improved Captain America: Civil War


People will undoubtedly be sick of hearing it after the past couple of weeks, but it bears repeating again – Civil War is undoubtedly the best Marvel movie produced so far. With its superb humour, intense action, and successful incorporation of fresh faces, the Russo brothers hit the ball out of the park with this stunner of a film.

However, there is a major caveat to this. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a bit of a mixed bag since its inception in 2008. Most of Phase One was kind of forgettable, and while the films have improved exponentially since then, there are consistent niggling issues that still pop up. Additionally, there are trends from the genre that are repeatedly used that should really be put to pasture by now, for the sake of each individual film.

So while Civil War was an incredible spectacle that made Batman V Superman look even sillier than everyone already felt it was, it still missed a few opportunities to become something greater than simply the best Marvel movie.

Sure, this article is nit-picking. But that’s what fans do, right? We nit-pick because we love. And in the case of an astonishingly good film like Civil War, that sentiment is true a hundred times over.

Oh, and spoiler alert. As if that wasn’t obvious enough already.

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