What If J.K. Rowling And George R.R. Martin Had A Conversation About Writing?


Back in 2001, The Hugo Awards caused a clash between J.K. Rowling and George R.R. Martin after Rowling’s The Goblet of Fire won over Martin’s A Storm of Swords. George R.R. Martin responded with a grim reaction:

Eat your heart out, Rowling. Maybe you have billions of dollars and my Hugo, but you don’t have readers like these.

This was before Game of Thrones, and by consequence A Song of Ice and Fire became extremely popular. In an interview that happened after two seasons were completed, Martin is far less hostile about the loss a decade ago.

I wish I have beaten her, what can I say! I would have liked to win that award and I don’t think Rowling cares much about it. And she didn’t send anyone to accept the award, which is certainly annoying. But she has done a great stuff for fantasy and many of my readers are people who started with Harry Potter; they’ve grown up and she got them to reading, she got them to fantasy. J.K. Rowling has grown up an entirely generation of children into the field and for that I applaud her.

So, let’s put this debate aside and see what would happen if those great writers had a conversation about writing: