5 Suicide Squad Posters Created By Fan Artists


Do a simple search on the internet for the most anticipated movies in summer 2016, Suicide Squad will be in almost all the lists. As reported by USA Today, Twitter has revealed that Suicide Squad, the film featuring Jared Leto, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie, has become the most tweeted-about summer movie. The film, expected on August 5th, had one million tweets posted about it between March 1 and May 26. The Joker Twitter emoji and the hashtag #JokerWasHere helped bolster the conversation, as did Joker actor Jared Leto’s massive Twitter following. Let’s have a look on Suicide Squad movie posters made by fans and artists:

1. Theatrical Poster by Camw1n



2. Harley Quinn Poster by Peter Frain



3. Cartoon Poster by Angelo Delos Trinos



4. Joker Poster by Bryan Fiallos



5. All Characters Poster by Artlover67