6 Bad Movies With Kickass Concepts


A great movie plot and a well done marketing trailer are enough to hook you to a movie even before it release. You will just get creative and dig your imagination for possible story-lines and how the story can be pictured and turn into a mega-hit. But sadly, many times,filmmakers do an excellent job in coming up with a lousy execution. Here we take a look at 6 movies with great and intriguing concepts but bad execution.

6. Sucker Punch (IMDB Rating: 6.1)

The movie concept is about a young girl who uses a fantasy track to plan an escape from a mental institution she was put in by her abusive father. Looks gorgeous. What we end up is a flawless picture of a narration and the fantasy of a man who likes to see young girls fighting in short outfits. The film appeared to attempt to offer itself in light of the provocativeness of its female characters, but the movie has an astonishing ability of making sexy females with weapons look creepy.

5. Hancock (IMDB Rating: 6.4)

The trailers were pretty attractive and seem perfect: Will Smith is Hancock, a drunk, care-free super hero. Jason Bateman, bringing his characteristic dry humor, is a publicity agent who helps Hancock to improve his image as a superhero. Hancock was expected to be a refreshing change from all the existing superheroes’ films at that time, making the protagonist sail away from all the seriousness and story complications. But the result was a poorly written movie with very slow buildup and a lousy cheap humor. The movie had an identity crisis, one time it’s goofy comedy, then it’s a superhero movie with violent scenes, and later it is a weird emotional meetup between two “angels”.

4. In Time (IMDB Rating: 6.7)

An intriguing concept: The world’s currency is actually based on how much time you have left and when you reach the age of twenty-five, you stop aging, and you have a year to live, which ticks down on a timer on your arm. This currency ends up in dividing the society, the rich live for hundreds of years while the poor have to stick with the short time they are eligible for. There are infinite ways to go on with this story. To be fair, the result was a fun movie, one to watch when lying on your couch on a lazy Sunday. It could have been a mega-hit if it had a consistent plot and Justin Timberlake not ruining everything in the first minute of the film by saying “it was genetically engineered for some reason and we can’t change it so deal with it”. The film changes slowly from a drama to a love story and then to action. Wasted Concept.

3. THE PURGE (IMDB Rating: 5.6)

A kickass concept: criminal activity is legal for 12 hours once a year, a decision sanctioned by the government in order to fight crime. So, during this period stealing, killing, and raping are all allowed. Imagine what you can do with such a concept. The result is a lame home invasion movie by lame rich kids. It was just stupid.

2. Waterworld (IMDB Rating: 6.1)

A tragic event of global warming results in the earth’s sea levels drastically rising to cover all land on the planet. There are endless possibilities to create an original plot with a premise like this. The film ended up with a Razzie Award for worst supporting actor and Razzie nominations for worst picture, actor, and director. It was also nominated for worst picture and actor for The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards. No need to say more.

1. After Earth (IMDB Rating: 4.9)


It sounded awesome! Catchy elements: aliens that can sense fear, a futuristic world, a man who has built his life around no emotions, and Will and Jaden Smith. The result is a stupid plot line, wasted utilization of Will Smith’s charisma, and a movie so big for Jaden Smith. It was boring and highly predictable. Entertainment Weekly described it as ” The movie takes off from a concept as basic as a videogame, and it sticks to that concept, without surprise.”
The movie was heavily crashed by critics achieving 12% on Rotten Tomato. Will Smith on the other hand described it as “the most painful failure of his career”.