Wolverined: 9 Wolverine Crossovers


Wolverine has always been a Marvel fan favorite and when Hugh Jackman played this character, it only made it more lovable and popular. Logan is a mutant with animal senses and most known for his temper and his fighting abilities with his Adamantium-fused claws. Fan artists love Wolverine too and we love artwork and especially mashups. Let’s have a look at 9 Wolverine mashups and crossovers:

9. Logan Draper

Wolverine as Don Draper in AMC Mad Men
Illustration by WeaponXIX

8. Wolverine The Jedi

Logan as a Jedi in Star Wars
Photo-shopped by Coleman Concannon

7. Logald Duckerine

Donald Duck Wolverined
Illustration by Gina Chacon

6. Grumperine

Disney Grumpy Wolverined
Illustration by Tom Bancroft

5. Disneyish Wolverine

Logan as a Disney charming character
Illustration by Renata Castellani

4. Super Mario and Wolverine

Wolverine and Super Mario Swap
Illustration by Codi Schibi

3. Mickey Wolverine

Mickey Mouse Wolverined
Illustration by Marwan Imam

2. Logan McMillan

Mickey Mouser Wolverined
Joe Mcmillan as Wolverine
Illustration by JackOkeefe

1. Logan Fredricksen

Illustration by Chris Gilliland