How Would Saul Goodman Defend OJ Simpson?


No wonder OJ Simpson created one of the most controversial legal cases in the history of the United States. After having strong evidence against him, the verdict came not guilty and this is in big part due to the elite defense attorney team. But what if OJ Simpson was defended by Saul Goodman from Better Call Saul? This question was raised on Quora and answered by Darren Johnson.

He was still in the mail room during the OJ trial, but here are some tactics he could have used:

  • Leaked to the press stories about Marcia Clark’s travails. Didn’t it turn out later she was dating Chris Darden? Saul would have a PI –Mike may be too high level for this — getting photos of that.
  • Meanwhile, he’d have Judge Ito seduced by a lady of the evening, maybe Wendy from the Crystal Palace. Of course, he’d have photos and send copies anonymously to the judge.
  • He’d have these two guys on the jury.
  • He’d have a “Danny” as an alibi. OJ was out playing laser tag, after all. You have to have a Danny.
  • He’d have the Vamonos Pests guys say they were fumigating OJ’s place and left behind their knife and gloves.
  • He’d hide OJ’s money from the Goldman family.
  • And then change his name, take the money and run off to work at a Cinnabon in the Midwest!