Signs That We Are Heading To A McGillBowl In Better Call Saul


By the end of ‘Better Call Saul‘ season 2, the Jimmy-Chuck tension commenced a new turning point moving further towards the “McGillbowl”. In the first two seasons, we saw nothing from Chuck but jealousy from his “loser” brother. But despite Jimmy’s massive love and respect for Chuck, his persistence to succeed to prove his brother wrong and to prove his worth for Kim will surely make him clash with Chuck’s ego.

Chuck’s Motives

Chuck still views Jimmy as a trouble maker and he feels that it’s his responsibility to protect him, regardless of the results. This has led him to to create a denial phase for anything related to Jimmy being successful or at least compared to him anyway. But now Jimmy is finding success and he is using his charm and charisma to get what he wants and this is creating the blind jealousy for Chuck. This is challenging Chuck’s ego and making him feel insecure about his position as the successful and protective brother I think that’s a big part of it. Chuck hates Jimmy way more than he should since the moment he didn’t share with him their mother’s final words. He has even challenged his controversial affliction electromagnetic hypersensitivity to capture Jimmy’s admission of guilt on a hidden tape recorder. Chuck has shown that he is willing to go so far in hurting Jimmy and he might be the reason behind Saul Goodman.


Jimmy Motives

Despite chuck’s bad treatment, Jimmy has never stopped offering his love and care to his brother, supposedly his role-model. He has spent his life trying to prove his brother wrong and that he can be successful. But Chuck is not giving him a chance anyway, he is getting the worst out of Jimmy. Jimmy is finally seeing a glimpse of success with the elderly law and even his love for Chuck might not be enough to stop him. Saul Goodman might be his way out of Jimmy McGill, Chuck’s brother.


The McGill bowl and transformation to Saul Goodman

The last episode in season 2, left us with a handful of questions. Who wins our sympathy?Jimmy, whose actions nearly got his brother killed, or Chuck, whose deception to ruin Jimmy’s career is not forgivable. It will have to be to an unpleasant McGill bowl for Jimmy in the conversion path to Saul Goodman. The way Jimmy stated his confession was unnatural for him and he chose his words wisely as if he is covering his tracks. It was clear that Jimmy was trying to make Chuck feel better, considering the circumstances. Chuck has already proven that he can push his condition aside if it means screwing over Jimmy.