6 Fan Art Illustrations Of Up Movie Carl Fredricksen


We all remember Carl Fredricksen from Pixar‘s ‘UP’ movie as a grumpy and cruel old man to many people, but we also know he is the loving and loyal husband for his late wife who left him feeling blue and lonely. In dedication to Carl, we list 6 of his fan art illustrations. Kudos to all the artists mentioned.

Niki Vandermosten

Carl Fredricksen has always been loyal to his true and only love, Ellie.

Kodey Bell

Typical grumpy Carl Fredricksen.

Lily The Animator

Carl Fredricksen in a traditional drawing.

Christian DeRosa

A mashup between Old Snake from MGS4 and Carl Fredricksen.


Young Carl and Ellie cartoonized.


It’s time to break up & away.