7 Wall And Door Plaques Inspired By Disney


Turn your house or room into a fantasy land inspired by Disney with these 7 plaque ideas from Quest Design Canada.

Disneyland Entrance Way Plaque

Replica of the entrance way plaque to Disneyland in California.
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Disney Haunted Mansion Inspired Sign

Inspired by the Haunted Mansion ride, this sign features the iconic quote “Welcome Foolish Mortals”.
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“Have a Magical Day” Plaque

Wish your visitors a magical day with this Disney inspired plaque.
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Alice in Wonderland Themed Wall Plaque

“Twinkle twinkle little bat” – A plaque inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
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“Keep Calm And Have A Magical Day” Plaque

“Keep calm and have a Magical Day” – Another version of “Have a Magical Day” phrase.
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G Force Records Plaque

Disney World Hollywood studios Aerosmiths rock n roller coaster G force records replica.
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Another Alice in Wonderland Plaque

Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts restaurant inspired plaque.
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