9 Wall Prints By Rizza & Co Featuring Favorite TV Shows


Rizza & Co is a husband and wife team that has been a long time in the making. Matt and Sammy have dabbled in their own collaborations before, but nothing seemed to fit until it was wedding time. The TV obsessed couple wanted to include their favorite shows as table numbers, and so the faceless TV collection began. Rizza & Co blends Matt’s clear design aesthetics with their love of all things nerdy to create the perfect gift for the geek inside us all!

We have selected 9 prints made by Rizza & Co, these prints feature Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, New Girl, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Mad Men, and House of Cards.

Breaking Bad Print

This print shows Walter and Jesse in one of their innumerable cook sessions on their journey through the meth game.
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The Sopranos Print

This print shows Tony, Paulie, Sil, and Christopher facing off with their latest mob conflict.
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New Girl Print

This print shows Nick, Schmidt, and Jess in the middle of their stellar suit sales pitch.
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The Walking Dead Print

This print shows Rick and Daryl (and Glenn and Maggie too!) prepping for a long trek to their next safe “home”.
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Dexter Print

This image shows Dexter and Deb arriving at the latest crime scene.
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Parks and Recreation Print

This print shows Leslie and Ron discussing their futures and all they’ve built together on a park bench.
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The Office Print

This print shows the Michael, Dwight, and Jim just about to begin some office shenanigans.
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Mad Men Print

This print shows Don Draper in one of his many moments deep in thought at SCDP.
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House of Cards Print

This print shows Frank and Claire in one of their many posed moments as the “happy and powerful” President and First Lady.
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