8 Ideas For Premium Superheroes Backpacks


You might not be able to show your superpowers everywhere or wear your superhero outfit to any place, but you can still carry your stuff with a premium looking superhero backpacks. We handpicked 8 backpack ideas featuring DC and Marvel superheroes:

Bioworld Marvel Deadpool Backpack

Trusting Deadpool with your laptop and belongings is risky for many different reasons. First off all, his career choice isnt the safest line of work, so if you lend your computer to him, dont be surprised if you find a few bullet holes in your screen. Deadpool also has a pretty twisted mind, so you may not want to check your web browsers search history either. No, youre much better off trusting your laptops safety to this Deadpool laptop backpack.
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Harley Quinn All Over Print Knapsack Backpack

Officially Licensed Harley Quinn Knapsack. Includes drawstring and magnetic snap closure main compartment, front snap closure pocket, and adjustable shoulder straps.
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DC Comics Batman with Logo Black Tactical Backpack

Brand New Batman Backpack. The main compartment has padding to protect laptops. Measures 18″ x 13″ x 6″ Licensed DC Comics Product.
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Marvel Iron Man Suit Up Backpack

This is a heck of a Tony Stark backpack!!!Great quality and it’s perfect for travel or school.
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Captain America Suit Up Better Built Backpack

Captain America is a superhero but even though he has no superhuman powers, the Super-Soldier Serum and “Vita-Ray” treatment, he is transformed and his strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, durability, and healing are at the zenith of natural human potential. This backpack tough and durable and will help you carry all of your books, supplies, clothes, laptop and anything you would like to include.
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Superman Rebirth Logo Backpack

This black Superman Rebirth Symbol Backpack sports the specific Superman symbol adorning Kal-El’s chest in his newer-new costume sans outward underpants. But the symbol only accounts for a small percentage of the awesomeness inherent in this stylish Superman backpack. Let’s dig in, shall we?
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Marvel Spiderman Logo Backpack

3D embroidered Spider & web details on front panel, side pockets and shoulder straps, Adult sized backpack, Officially Licensed Marvel Comics
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DC Comics Wonder Woman Medium Slouch Backpack

Black slouch backpack from DC Comics with Wonder Woman themed design. Snap button and drawstring closure.
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