9 Fan Art Illustrations Of Wagner Moura As Pablo Escobar


While the first two seasons of Netflix original show Narcos concentrated on the life of Pablo Escobar, the third has shifted focus onto the infamous gentlemen of Cali. But the spectacular acting of the Brazilian actor, Wagner Moura, in the first 2 seasons are the real reason behind the skyrocketed show popularity. In this post, we handpicked 9 fan art illustrations of Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar.

Pablo and Gustavo by Arthur Wintrebert

Big Eyes Pablo by Joaslin

Cartoon Pablo Escobar by RiRoDoodles

Portrait of Old Escobar by Domcell

Narcos Poster by Vadivisuals

Inked Pablo by Gen Lex Filipinas Piore

Bloody Pablo by FoxInaScarf

Pixeled Pablo Escobar by Jevi93

Pablo Escobar Character Design by Yogesh Kumar


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