10 Word Art Prints Featuring Marvel and DC Superheroes


Scott W Smith is “a nerd through and through and loves stories and words”. Scott is popular for his handmade prints made entirely from words. Scott’s artwork features popular tv shows, movies, and of course superheroes. In this list, we have curated our favorite prints featuring Marvel and DC superheroes.

Captain America

The image shows Captain America’s shield formed with quotes from The First Avenger.
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This 11×17″ art print features the shape of Deadpool, formed with dialogue quotes from his 2016 film.
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Iron Man

The image shows Iron Man’s mask formed with quotes from the original Iron Man movie.
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The Avengers

The image shows the Avengers, each formed with their own dialogue from the film.
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Wonder Woman

This Wonder Woman art print features the shape the powerful iconic figure of Wonder Woman, formed with the best quotes from the new 2017 movie.
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The image shows The Flash racing through Central City. The image is formed using some great quotes from season 1.
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Green Arrow

The image shows The Arrow standing watch over Starling City and the text is quotes from Seasons 1-3 of the CW’s hit series, Arrow.
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The image shows the Bat Symbol, formed with quotes from Batman Begins.
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The image shows The Hulk’s fist formed with his movie quotes.
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The image shows Mjolnir formed with quotes from the original Thor movie.
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