6 Lovely Jewelry Items For The Walking Dead Fans


We have picked 6 lovely jewelry items for every ‘The Walking Dead‘ fan.

TWD themed Charm bracelet

This charm bracelet is finished with glass crystal beads. The charms include: ‘the Walking Dead’, Rick’s gun, A bullet, Rick’s hat, Lucille, Daryl’s iconic angel wings, Daryl’s bike, a walker and a glass cabochons with the words ‘fight the dead, fear the living’ printed over ‘blood splatter’ on high quality photo paper and sealed behind glass.
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TWD Bat Necklace

These Lucilles are “badass”. If you like your Lucille with a little flare, grab one or two of these. Comes in Gold, Silver, and Gunmetal (dark gray). Real barbed wire, but she won’t hurt you!
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‘Don’t Open Dead Inside’ Hand Stamped Ring

One ring is stamped with “Don’t Open” and the other with “Dead Inside”. Perfect for any fan of The Walking Dead.
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Daryl Dixon, Negan and Rick Grimes inspired Charm bracelet

The charms include: a bullet, Rick’s gun, Rick’s hat, an axe, Lucille, Daryl’s angel wings, Daryl’s bike, Daryl’s bow and a Walking Dead disc.
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Walking dead Glenn Necklace

beautiful Necklace that features Glenn’s name plus his shot gun to help signify the life and death struggle of the walking dead.
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Daryl Dixon Angel Wings Earrings

If you love Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead”, these earrings are for you!
They are absolutely stunning!
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