Saturday, June 23, 2018
MCU vs DCu

What Can Make DC Cinematic Universe Compete With Marvel’s ?

It should be obvious - if an intellectual property from another medium is worth adapting, it's worth adapting in a way that doesn't cower from or disrespect that intellectual property.

What Does Littlefinger Really Want?

Littlefinger feels dicked over by three specific families: Tullys, Starks and Arryns. He wanted to marry Catelyn Tully and her father said no. Ned Stark got to marry Catelyn instead. And he’d been under House Arryn as a minor vassal all his life.

Why Would Have Thor Sided With Iron Man In The Civil War Movie?

A lot of people are saying that Thor would have been on Cap’s side. I find this highly unlikely. In fact, I think there’s a fairly good chance that Thor would have been on Tony Stark’s side. Why?

Why Don’t DC And Marvel Sue Each Other For Character Clone?

If DC & Marvel went after each other, they'd cut their own throats. One thing I loved about working in comics was that pretty much EVERYONE in the field knew and liked each other.

Why Can’t Movie Studios Predict Which Movies Will Flop?

First thing that people have to understand is that the film industry is a mixture of 50% art and 50% business, hence the popular term “show business”.

What Are Some Major Hollywood Misconceptions About Shootouts?

People dying from the first hit, people hit too easily, and people escaping a rain of bullets are few Hollywood misconceptions about shootouts

Why Does Hollywood Keep Casting British Actors To Play American Superheroes?

This is an issue that extends beyond superhero films, to films in general. America has a young actor crisis. The topic has received quite a bit of coverage over the last couple of years, especially after the totally American story of Selma came out and people realized four of the primary characters were played by British actors.

Is The US Secret Service As Stone-Faced As They’re Portrayed In Movies?

Yes... But only when the cameras are on or they're in public.

How did Deadpool Movie Cost Only $58 Million?

After the god-awful representation of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 20th Century Fox was [rightfully] skeptical of the success of a potential Deadpool movie.

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