Thursday, July 19, 2018

Watch Mojo’s Top 10 Career Defining Comedies

Leslie Nielsen, Bill Murray, and Eddie Murphy are among the comedy icons in Hollywood. But every comedy actor has a work that will always be associated to him, a work that defined his career.

Rose Leslie AKA Ygritte Before The Wildling Fame

Rose Leslie has Kit Harrington all covered. In Game of Thrones, playing the wildling Ygritte, she definitely taught the newbie Jon Snow many things, she introduced him to the art of love making and how family loyalty comes above all.

Insane Diet Followed By Alexander Skarsgard For His Tarzan Role

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard spoke to Conan O'Brien about the strict diet and excessive workouts done for his role in Tarzan.

The Philosophy of Bill Murray: From A Goofy Guy To A Comedian Legend

It might be shocking for some that many people have obsession over Bill Murray. He might not be the extravagant icon but he is definitely a genius in selecting his roles.

The Multi-Characters Of 7 Stars Summed Up

Indian artist Prasad Bhar created a GIF gallery that shows the multi characters of several celebrities.

Peter Dinklage: Before He Became The Most Famous Dwarf In The World

Before he became the most famous dwarf in Westeros and the whole world, Peter Dinklage, had minor roles in some TV work and movies.

11 Actors Who Mistakenly Turned Down Major Roles

Life is full of opportunities and we usually clinch some and miss on many others. We’ve seen some terrific talented actors playing amazing roles but what we don’t get to see are the good opportunities that actors skip.

Blake Lively Is Tortured by Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Sex Montages

Blake Lively was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where she talked about her torture by Deadpool sex montages.

30 Game Of Thrones Cast Members Before They Were Mega-Stars

See how Jon Snow, Daenerys and all your favorite 'Game Of Thrones' characters looked like before they made it big.

Let’s Know Something About Kit Harrington Before Fame

We were all Jon Snow when we saw Kit Harrington and most of the cast on Game of Thrones. We just knew nothing about them before they impress us on the dragon show.

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