Friday, April 27, 2018

Face Swap Invasion: Your Favorite Shows Played By Someone Else

Have you ever wondered how your favorite TV shows were played by someone else, maybe your favorite character from another show? Will the result be the same, better, or a disaster?

Ryan Sands: Vibrant Mashups With Blended Characters

Ryan Sands is an US artist who is specialized in artwork inspired by super-heroes, science fiction, sports, sneakers and cinema. He blends his favorite characters and stars in vibrant and colorful mashups.

Lee Samantha: Food Artist

Lee Samantha is a Malaysian mother who creates fun, creative and healthy meals for her two young daughters and over half a million followers.

Fa Panini

"Hey there! I'm Fa, 23, part of the 1OO fandom, house hufflepuff and team captain!" this is how Fa Panini introduces her self on her tumblr page. Fa is known for her cartoon artwork about the tv show, The 100 and its characters.