Saturday, June 24, 2017

Orange Is The New Black Intro With Cats And Dogs

How would the Orange Is The New Black intro look like with cats and dogs replacing the human faces. Check the result with this video by Corey Dome.

Can You Prove Your Obsession With Matt Damon?

So one of your favorite actors is Matt Damon and you have seen all his movies? But how much do you really know about Matt Damon, test your obsession with this trivia.

Can You McNickname The Grey’s Anatomy Cast?

The McNicknames were once a trend among the hospital staff. So, let's see if you can guess the doctor from the mcNickname.

Can You Match The Sawyer Nickname To The ‘Lost’ Character?

anyone can remember how Sawyer was well known for giving everyone a nickname. So, how many nicknames can you remember and can you link them to the right character:

Can You Guess The Bob’s Burgers Characters From These Emoji Clues?

So you think you are a Bob's Burgers hardcore fan? Let's see if you can guess the characters of the show from Emoji clues:

What Job Will You Get In The Harry Potter Universe?

From Magizoologist to the Minister for Magic, there are many jobs in Harry Potter universe that might interest you...
Star Trek Beyond Musical Parody

‘Star Trek Beyond’ Animated Musical Parody

YouTuber Logan Hugueny-Clark created an animated parody musical for 'Star Trek Beyond', the 13th “Star Trek” movie dominated in the Box Office.

Who Said It: Mr. Burns or Donald Trump?

Here are 16 different quotes that were said by either Donald Trump in real life, or by Mr. Burns. Can you tell who said it?

How Much Do You Know About Star Trek?

Let's take a look back at the 'Star Trek' film franchise which has followed the big-screen adventures of Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, and Captain Kirk again by testing your knowledge of Gene Roddenberry's classic series.

Stranger Things Re-Imagined As An 80’s Sitcom

Tim Bennett, a 'Stranger Things' fan re-imagined the show as an 80's sitcom inspired by Who's The Boss?