Thursday, July 19, 2018

7 Halloween Costumes Ideas For Every Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot has caught everyone's attention with her role in the latest Wonder Woman movie. Halloween is approaching, so why not check the below 7 Wonder Woman costume ideas.

12 Superheroes Cuff Links To Make You Super Cool

Stand out in the crowd with these cool 12 Marvel and DC Superheroes cufflinks. They aren't high fashion, but they are definitely awesome for a typical day in or for a fun night out or maybe in a cool office environment.

10 Marvel and DC Superheroes Bowties

If you need an unconventional fashion gift for your superheroes fan husband, brother, son, or friend, check these 8 bowties ideas featuring Marvel and DC superheroes.

Our Favorite Harley Quinn Fan Art Illustrations

Sexy and funny, but playful and crazy, and yet she has a huge fan base. We picked our favorite Harley Quinn fan art illustrations. Kudos to all the artists.

Unleash the Harley Quinn in You With These 9 Accessories

Margot Robbie described Harley Quinn as "creepy, violent, and crazy". If you're a woman and want to look as cool as DC Comics Harley Quinn, try these 9 ideas for themed accessories.

8 Fan Art Illustrations Of Logan And Laura

Like Deadpool before it, the "Logan" movie was awesome and savage. The story was brutally depressing though, it is very hard imagining a world without Wolverine in i

7 T-Shirt Ideas For Marvel Iron Fist Fans

Show your love and obsession with Iron Fist, the defender who got his powers after beating a dragon, with the below 7 t-shirts ideas.
Iron Fist The Final Defender by mporkyp

Our Favorite Netflix Iron Fist Fan Art Illustrations

While the critics' reception to the first few episodes has not been kind scoring 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Marvel fans seem to like the Iron Fist show and this is reflected in the 87 percent score

9 Fan Art Illustrations Of Harley Quinn and The Joker

The relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker is goals for many TWISTED love-seekers. It is no surprise that this relationship is seriously messed up given the two crazy characters.

Superheroes Also Showed Their Support For Movember

Raikchak Ha Reang, an Indian Graphic Designer, illustrated some superheroes supporting the Movember campaign and here is the result:

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