Tuesday, May 22, 2018

9 Handmade Word Prints Featuring Popular TV Shows

Scott W Smith is "a nerd through and through and loves stories and words". Scott is popular for his handmade prints made entirely from words.

9 Fan Art Illustrations Of Wagner Moura As Pablo Escobar

In this post, we handpicked 9 fan art illustrations of Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar.

6 Clothing Items For Stranger Things Fans

The Netflix Original’s exciting plot, shocking twists and endearing, youthful cast has captivated millions of viewers. Season 2 has just been released and according to Nielsen data released Thursday, each episode of the season drew more than 4 million viewers per episode. To feed your fandom obsession, have a look at these Stranger Things themed apparel.

6 Fan Art Illustrations Featuring Better Call Saul Jimmy McGill

He might have his twisted ways as a lawyer, but we all sympathize with Jimmy Mcgill. To show our love for Jimmy before converting to Saul Goodman, we selected 6 fan art illustrations of this character:

9 Wall Prints By Rizza & Co Featuring Favorite TV Shows

Rizza & Co is a husband and wife team that has been a long time in the making. Matt and Sammy have dabbled in their own collaborations before, but nothing seemed to fit until it was wedding time.

10 Cool Products For Orange Is The New Black Fans

Obsessed with OITNB? Check out our 11 handpicked items inspired by the ambiance of Litchfield.

4 Wooden Beer Mugs For Game Of Thrones Fans

Fan of Game of Thrones? Enjoy your drinks with these neat wooden mugs.

Where Are The Valyrian Swords Needed To Defeat The White Walkers?

We have seen great and cruel forces in Game of Thrones but it seems like that the White Walkers led by The Night King, are the biggest threat to Westeros.

8 ’13 Reasons Why’ Fan Art Illustrations

We have selected our initial favorite list of 13 Reason Why fan art illustrations featuring the two main characters, Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker.
Jon snow king in the north

A Brief History Of Jon Snow, The King In The North

CivilizationEx provides a 3-episodes brief history of Jon Snow from his birth after Robert's rebellion to his journey with Night Watch.

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