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Which ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Man Is Your Soulmate?

Is that a lightsaber in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Take this quiz to know which 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' man is your soulmate.

10 Bodysuits For Future Star Wars Fans

A hardcore Star Wars fan and want to spread the fandom to the next generation? We have curated a list of babies' bodysuits and may the force be with them.

12 Canvas Wall Arts Featuring Popular Movies

FineWallDecor, an Ukrainian art shop provides beautiful canvas paintings that can add an artistic touch to your living room. Those paintings also make perfect Christmas gift option. We have chosen 8 paintings featuring blockbuster movies.
Carrie Fisher Princess Leia Wall Print

7 Star Wars ‘May The Force Be With You’ Wall Prints

May 4th is approaching. Decorate your house with these beautiful wall prints featuring the popular Star Wars phrase "May the force be with you". Can also be perfect gift ideas for your friends and family.

Daniel Kordek aka Daekazu: Colorful Illustrations And Portraits

Daniel Kordek is a digital painter, cartoonist and animator from Poland. Kordek aka Daekazu, is a senior artist on Deviant Art and his art is pleasure to see.

Chibi Star Wars Characters By Derek Laufman

Laufman's Chibi art (a simple, cute form of manga) has caught our attention and we are chose the Chibi illustrated Star Wars characters to focus on in this post.

8 Fictional Universes South-Parked

Imagine Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars characters as South Park avatars.

A Detailed Analysis of Darth Vader’s Suit

According to Star Wars wikia, Darth Vader's armor (serial number: E-3778Q-1) was designed to maintain and protect the young Sith apprentice's charred body while exuding an air of intimidation and control.

The Academy Reveals Rare Revenge Of The Jedi Teaser

In the commemoration of the 39th anniversary of the first Star Wars film (The New Hope), The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed a rare “Revenge of the Jedi” teaser trailer.

Candace Payne’s Happy Chewbacca Mask Songified

Around 140 million people watched Candace Payne’s video of her testing out her new Chewbacca mask. The Gregory Brothers wasted no time in adding some upbeat melodies on the joyful video.

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